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Diamond Bands and Diamond Setting Types

Diamonds bands are symbolic and representative of memorable moments and occasions of our lives, and diamond bands are desired as personalized accessories to complete a style. Besides the setting, you also have the option of metal type, metal color, and metal finishes.Diamond bands come in 18K gold, 14K gold, platinum, and sterling silver. You may also find diamond bands in 10K gold or gold plated silver.They symbolize many special events, such as:WeddingAnniversaryfriendshipBirthday presentsAs you can see, there are many options when it comes to diamond bands.What is your preferred style?

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The diamond-cut feature of diamonds

The four C's of diamonds are Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat-weight.Today, I am presenting the cut feature of diamonds:The diamonds in the rough always need a careful evaluation and inspection to find the best possible cut. Afterward, a lapidary needs to be extremely careful because a miss-step could dramatically change the diamond's market value.Diamonds have these cuts: cushion-cutRadiant-cut Princess-cutThe AsscherTrillion-cut Oval-shape Baguette-cut Emerald-cut Tapered-baguettePear-shapeWish is your favorite diamond shape?

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Evaluating your fine jewelry

Fine Jewelry is precious, not only because of its monetary value but also because it carries an emotional weight priceless to the holder. Every ring, pendant, and heirloom is unique because even if a goldsmith can replicate the labor, they would not replicate the natural elements or the emotions attached to your special jewelry piece.

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