Evaluating your fine jewelry

Evaluating your fine jewelry

Fine Jewelry is precious, not only because of its monetary value but also because it carries an emotional weight priceless to the holder. Every ring, pendant, and heirloom is unique because even if a goldsmith can replicate the labor, they would not replicate the natural elements or the emotions attached to your special jewelry piece.

The material value of your jewelry will mostly depend on many five factors, not including the additional cost of buying in a high-end store, where they have to increase the sale price to afford the high overhead, security, and employees.

Precious metal used to manufacture fine jewelry:
Gold (10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, ( 18K, 14K, 10K, 750, 585, 375) Platinum (950, PLATINUM, PLAT) Silver (925, Silver, 800, Sterling), Brass, or Pewter, and also the weight in grams.

The art and creativity involved in the design: Weather vintage, art nouveau, art deco, contemporary. The distinguished characteristics, such as the country of origin, designer, or manufacturer.

Mother nature's gifts: Natural (precious or semi-precious gemstones),consider carat weight, cut, clarity, color, and rarity. and others such as lab-created gemstones,and fine crystals

The labor and love placed on the workmanship: This shows in the finish, polished, and the setting of the stones.

These are some of the reasons why fine jewelry has earned its monetary value, and the sentimental value is given by you, and your experiences, and that is priceless. 

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